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Elegant Seagulls is an award-winning design firm in Marquette, Michigan. Owner Ben Johnson was previously a regional rider for the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, as well as a contributor to the midwest snowboarding scene with his film production and design company also under the same name. As Elegant Seagulls grew, Ben gathered web, print and marketing experts to become one of the most influential design firms in the midwestern United States. Taking the creative lead for “The Little Things” is Mike Forester, a veteran of the snowboard industry with notable snowboard graphics from Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards and The Interior Plain Project. Elegant Seagulls and Marie were able to connect on a visual direction, but more importantly through a shared sense of responsibility as snowboarders. Many of the designers at Elegant Seagulls are riders and outdoorsmen, and agree that the The Little Things is a message that everyone needs to hear. Check out their progress on The Little Things movie at

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All proceed’s of the film will go towards The David Suzuki Foundation & POW

Thank you making a big difference with The Little Things.


We would like to acknowledge a few people for helping us create this project.

  • Jamie Anderson
  • Matt Turner
  • Jess Kimura
  • Kevin Sansalone
  • Amanda Hankison
  • Scott Reeves
  • Lisa Wayne
  • Knight Rider Racks
  • Malcolm Daly
  • Keith Harasymiw
  • Peter Mack
  • Mary J. Waddell
  • Angelisa
  • Suzanne Fisher
  • Geordie Stuart Evans
  • Gabriel Jort-Pelletier
  • Lars Andrews
  • Tâche-Berther
  • Street Chem Apparel
  • Hana Beaman
  • Dufour Services Financiers Inc
  • Dre Catherine Bouchard DMD
  • Johannes Edinger
  • Leo Hoorn
  • Darren Terhune
  • Jean-Francois Giasson
  • Gabe Langlois
  • Christine Waeber
  • Claire White
  • Mary
  • Matt McClain
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  • John Bowen
  • Marshal Keen
  • Sheldon Vos
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